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Passionate about law

I used Ken for my divorce and child custody case. My x accused me of being abusive to her and even convinced a judge to sign a protection order with no evidence other than her saying I tried to break a car window (heard before I hired Ken) there were so many allegations against me (most all of them not true).. Me being a convicted felon from many years ago I felt I had no chance in hell but Ken easily leveled the playing field in my favor.

I not only won but my kids are home safe with me and doing great. I’m a man with a felony record but always took care of my kids and never since my kids were born have I been shady. Ken knows how to bring these things to a positive light. Don’t gamble with your kids or life hire someone who is believable in court and is passionate about law. Ken know both sides as he was a prosecutor for many years I owe my life to ken for giving me back my daughters that were taken from me without reason. If u need an attorney I recommend Ken Kissir absolutely without question.


Fighting for us (and winning)

Ken Kissir has been our attorney for the past decade. We went through a very long and difficult custody battle and divorce in 2002. The odds were against us to win the custody battle, but with Ken’s assistance, we prevailed. Since then, we have been drug back to court multiple times by the other party and Ken has been there fighting for us (and winning) every time. Ken has always used all resources available and has held his ground. He has always been very responsive and honest with us, giving us sound advice and making recommendations along the way.

Because of Ken’s knowledge and professionalism, our daughter is with us, where she belongs. We have recommended Ken to friends and family and have always had great feedback from any that have used him. We are hopeful that we are not back in court anymore, but Ken will always be our attorney and we highly recommend him.


Really cares and listens

After going through a very difficult divorce and custody battle with 4 different lawyers, I finally found an attorney who actually fought for me and cared about my family and the well being of my children. He was on top of every detail of my custody case and was instrumental in helping me put my family back together. He is extremely knowledgeable in family law and is able to understand the complex and emotional nature of family law issues.I never felt listened to by my previous attorneys but with Ken, it seems like he really cares and listens to what’s going on. If you are looking for an aggressive and intelligent attorney who gets results, then I would highly recommend that you give Ken a call.